Boden Creek Ecological Preserve Passes Verification Audit

Thanks to the efforts of the project management team and auditors from the Rainforest Alliance, the Boden Creek Ecological Preserve Forest Carbon Project successfully passed the verification auditing process through 2015.  Additional credits are now available for issuance and sale to support conservation and monitoring of the property.  The monitoring report is available for download from the VCS web site or the Projects page of this web site.


Laguna Seca Forest Carbon Project Approved

In partnership with The Forestland Group LLC of Chapel Hill, NC, USA, FCO successfully shepherded a third REDD+ project through the process of documentation and auditing using the Verified Carbon Standard and Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard.  This project will protect 20,000 acres of natural forest in Belize and an initial issuance of 100,000 mtCO2e is available for sale.

This project makes FCO the largest developer of forest carbon projects in Belize.


FCO Presents at 1st Bahrain CSR Conference 

Jeff Waldon, Chief Technical Officer for FCO, will be presenting a paper on REDD+ and CSR at the 1st Bahrain Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Conference in Manama, Bahrain March 3-6, 2013.  The paper entitled "Saving the Rainforest and CSR: Triple the Benefits" focuses on the advantages of investing in forest carbon projects that protect the rainforest, biodiversity, and community benefits plus provide 3rd party due diligence and a self-insurance mechanism through an independent risk buffer system.


FCO Partners with The Forestlands Group for a Major Project in Belize


FCO recently signed an agreement to develop a large project on lands purchased by The Forestlands Group LLC (TFG) in Belize, Central America.  This property was formerly owned by Gallon Jug Agroindustries and the REDD project was started prior to purchase.  TFG will manage the REDD project and conduct sustainable forestry on the property.  Forest Stewardship Council certification, Verified Carbon Standard certification, and Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance Standard certification will be sought for the property.  The REDD project consists of approximately 25,000 acres of rainforest previously slated for conversion to sugar cane agriculture, and it protects a central component of a key biodiversity area.



FCO Introduces Nick Piedmonte, Travel Industry Advisor

FCO and Nick Piedmonte, an advisor specializing in sustainability and the travel industry, are partnering to offer carbon offset products to the travel industry.  Nick is the former Vice President of Operations & Finance for Sustainable Travel International (STI), an INGO working with businesses and destinations on sustainable tourism development. In addition, he directed the Climate and Philanthropy initiatives of the organization, most notably, the United Airlines Carbon Management Program and the Oregon and Ethiopia Travel Philanthropy Funds, in addition to providing carbon inventory and monitoring services to tour operators and hoteliers of all sizes and localities.